Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Time to come out of the closet… 35 years is enough don't you think?... No! Not that way, you naughty minds)

Once upon a time, there was a young woman who fell in love with a young man. They fell in love and got married. They made plans to build a family but it seemed that the woman couldn’t get pregnant. So after 10 years of unsuccessful attempts, this woman not so young anymore went off to the doctor and had multitude of tests done. Her heart was hurting as well as her body. She felt sad and incomplete as she yearned for a child. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with her and so, they proceeded on having the man tested as well. This is when they discovered that he was the one who unfortunately had a very low sperm count and the doctor told this couple that they would never be able to conceive the natural way. And so the answer was found but the sadness and despair got bigger. 

On top of it, some people started wondering why they still didn’t managed to conceive a child. This woman not wanting to embarrass her husband decided she would keep the reason a secret, and that she would take on her the wondering looks, judgements, and gossips. A noble choice, a lonely choice…

The man probably loved her even more for that reason. They were both suffering and they both prayed that God would grant them a child even if it wouldn’t be one born from their own flesh.
Little did they know that all of this story would bring to God’s perfect plan… A young baby girl born in one of the poorest area of Bulacan in the Philippines was waiting for this heartbroken and desperate couple to come and take her away from this poor life. 

This couple was my Mom and Dad….

My Mom and Dad were told that my biological Dad was too young to take care of me, and that he was ready to let go of me, with the only condition that I was going to be taken care of by a good and loving family. So my parents went off to this province. They told me they found me laying in a box, a meter away from where the train would pass daily. Yes I was a street child. My step father was the one caring for me as my biological mother had abandoned me to follow her new beau. The day they found me they so saw burning marks on my foot, as this horrible man decided to use me as his ashtray. As I write this, I still have a hard time accepting that this baby was me.

My biological father as well as my Mom and Dad convinced my step father to let go of me, and my parents made a promise to my biological family that they would love, care, and fulfill my every needs.

Mom and Dad brought me home and that is when, at 4 months old my new life began…

What an incredible story isn't it? I learned the truth less than a month ago. I've been through a rollercoaster of emotions since then, but there is no doubt in my mind that all the actions my parents and my family did was made with love. 

For almost 35 years, my family kept the secret from me but only because they so love and respect my Mom and Dad. And I'm so grateful to them for allowing my Mom and Dad to tell me the truth in their own time and if they ever did…  I am grateful to my family for loving me as if I was their own blood, their loyalty and love has no boundaries.

Yes, the secret is out now and my only regret is that I didn’t hear from it sooner. I regret it because it would have prevented Mom and Dad from suffering so much. This is a secret that they kept for so long it has started to hurt them  many years ago. I guess they were waiting for the right time and perhaps they were also afraid that by revealing the truth I would get upset, not understand their reasons, and perhaps leave them.

My mom and Dad did more than keep a promise to my biological family. They gave me a life! A beautiful life! I will never be able to thank them enough, and there is not one inch of me that has felt some kind of anger towards them since I’ve learned this news… In fact, it has only made me love them more. What kind of people makes all the sacrifices they did only to be sure that I would live a comfortable, healthy, fulfilling life? They did, they left everything they had and their family in the Philippines in the hopes of giving me this beautiful life that I have now.

It also has opened my eyes even wider on how big our Lord is. Not many knows the complete story of my childhood, and my difficult years as teenager and early adult years. And I would be happy to share it in another post if you asked me to. But what has the most affected me in this story is that before I knew my Father in heaven, our Lord already loved me and blessed me. He has always been there and I’m just grateful in so many ways for how he has protected me through this 35 years. He was always faithful and there. 

So as a new year has just started my only wish  is that that we praise Jesus for saving me and all of us. For the sacrifice He made through his death and resurrection.

Last but not least, I learned that my original name was Evangeline: the bearer of good news… So I come with you with the good news that God loves us no matter what we have done, nothing can keep Him away from his children and that if we open our hearts to Him, he can make a way for us to live a life filled with gratitude and blessings. I do not say that life will be easy, I say that we get a friend that walks with us through hell and brings us to light…

Jesus did this for me… A baby who was abused in her early years and again in her early teenager years who became a rebellious and promiscuous young woman, a young adult heart broken, with no hope, ready to end her life: Jesus revealed Himself in such an amazing way that I am now married to the most wonderful man and I have 2 beautiful children.

I feel like it is time to put the whole story out in the open and have positive things come out of it.

I've already thanked my family and will do it again here: thank you so much for your love…. Especially to Mom, Dad and my big brother Emmanuel for loving me through my failures and for wanting to protect me not matter the consequences for them. I feel like my heart could explode right at this very instant, because of all this very strong emotions of love, gratitude that I feel towards them… I love you all more than words can say…

So I wish you from the bottom of my heart: A Very Happy New Year.

My only hope is that I find a way to pay forward the blessings that we get in our lives… Perhaps, if God permits by adopting as well…. But that is another story ….

Thursday, July 23, 2015

But they were on sale!!!!!

I promise, these are the last ones I'll buy - this is what I said to the Other Half when he asks "Why Joy?! Why..." 
Ugh, why do I even spill these words out there when I ultimately and most probably will not be able to keep my word as I'm clearly unreliable when it comes to keeping promises where shoes, clothes, and bags are concerned?... 
Let's start from the beginning , shall we? 
1. I have OCD or should I say CDO to keep it neat? This mean that I've started packing a month away from our holidays just to make sure that we have everything we would need and ignored the Other Half's teasing that "the obsessive one hasn't gone on holiday yet" [see what I mean in point 8 on this link]. 
2. Just after I started packing my things, I realized that I didn't have enough sandals! *insert cough here*. Ok, technically I do own two other pairs already but I've been wearing them all the time and whilst they do seem to be holding up alright for the minute, the chances of these pairs surviving the season aren't high (yes I did managed to convinced myself of this fact) --- So how could I make these pretty sandals last a little while longer?  By buying another pair duh! -- What a clever girl we have here :-) 
3. You know that feeling you have when you have to make a decision but just can't make up your mind? Ok, maybe you don't as you're probably not as indecisive as I can be...

Well, I had that feeling and after that moment I had "THE SIGN" in the form of my Mom (yes, shameless me has just blamed my Mom as the origin of my decision!). 
- So why am I bringing Mom in the story? Well, I had to go fetch something for her in the garden and I didn't have any shoes on, and that's when she handed me her sandals and we shall call it "the MAGICAL MOMENT" happened!
She handed me her Birkenstock sandals and just there " BAM !!!!", it was love at first sight. Butterflies in the stomach and everything else! Yes I can proudly say that my Mom has great fashion taste too! 
First, I tried to play it cool you know? Like when you notice this guy checking you up but you then pretend not to notice. 
But I knew the very second after I had put them on that I was hooked! That's when the dance seduction starts, and boy what a dance! I can't even describe the feeling unless I say: "Ugly yet so pretty and comfy"... The are so comfortable, I didn't want to give them back. That's when Mom told me the price and I almost had a heart attack.  
4. But then I had to check online just in case you know price might have changed and that's when "THE SECOND SIGN" showed up! Imagine my utter joy ( seriously I really did squealed of sheer joy) when I found out that the infamous sandals were on sale! ON SALE GIRLS!!!! 
Why have I not seen this before?! For the record, I've had seen them before, I even remember they were quite nice. But at some point from thinking "they look alright" I've elevated the thought to "must have".  
5. I am already ridiculously late to the party in realizing I have to have them. So what does a insomniac do at 2 AM? Buy the shoes of course! What these little voices in my head wouldn't shut up until I press the order button....
I am now counting the days until they are finally delivered. I can't wait to share with you some pics of me and these new found love of mine when I'll be on holiday! 
Here is a sneak peek just so you know what the fuss was all about:

If they good enough for celebrities, I guess they'll be good on me too :-) - Letting my inner celebrity goddess shine for a while :-)



Wednesday, July 22, 2015


There will always be something about summer. When summer arrives, I have this candid happiness that suddenly appears and a big desire to make the most of this time.

For ten precious months, I'll have been fantasizing on the possibilities and planning trips, outings near or far for me and my family.  I always look forward to precious and much needed quality time with the Other Half and the kids. The motivation to explore and learn new things with hopes of leaving this season emotionally fulfilled and my batteries recharged to face another "back to school and work" period.

Summer time reminds me of the little pleasures of life, savoring the time spent with loved ones, and just pause for a moment and be grateful ...

So here is to coktails, sand, cuddles, laughter, wanderlust and memories that I will sherish for a lifetime!

Confession of an absentee...

Dear Blogosphere, please forgive me, it's been 941 days since my last blog entry. So much has changed and yet some things remain the same...

But I'm back and ready to share again all my positive quirkiness with you all. Stay tuned!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A holiday from all the craziness of school...

The Christmas holiday season is upon us. The kids broke up from school 2 days ago, and Other Half and myself will be responsible for them 24 hours a day, for the next couple of weeks.

Some parents have started to break out in hives, stressing over childcare arrangements and how on earth they are going to stay sane with kids in the house 24/7. A few moms that I know just started bombarding everyone they know with emails arranging play dates and activities for the Christmas holidays in a desperate attempt to fill each day. Some of the emails arrived as soon as the summer vacation were over. The littlest thought of starting organizing Christmas that early makes go into panic mode, so I delete them.
These moms are by no means alone. Wallets will be emptied  by watching all the holiday movies at the cinema in an attempt to have fun and keep those crazy kids busy until the blessed relief of school looms into view in mid-January.
Moi, on the other hand, do not feel this way at all. The thing is, no matter how crazy irritating it may be to have kids under my feet all day, there is one thing I loathe and despise the school run. It is number one on my list of things that will be put up against a wall and shot come the revolution. I hate waking up and  having to leave the comfort of my bed. I hate that I have to practically push the kids out of bed to get  them on time for school. I hate nagging about homework, brushing teeth/brushing hair. As the time we MUST leave the house or we will be LATE AGAIN looms closer, the kids whine in a higher and higher pitch and I resort to yelling myself, which of course never ends well.

You see I have many facets, but my most outstanding quality is my supreme and utter laziness. I can think of nothing, nothing more fantastic than still being in my PJs at 11am with a cup of coffee, while the kids watch something inappropriate and hilarious on TV.

For those precious time when I'm incharge of Arthru and Morgane. We are allowed to remain, giggling and cozying in bed or the sofa, for as long as we like. For the whole day, if we like. And though no doubt the ankle-biters will drive me completely insane at some point, nothing they do will be worse than the cold, grey school run in the freezing rain, grumpy and bleary eyed, and dreaming of my warm bed.

Happy Holidays! For now, I'm going to serve myself another glass of gluhwein!!!!
This pic was taken a while ago, but it pretty much looks the same each and everytime we "chill out" at home.
A "CALM" Sunday morning in our home: Our dog pulling Arthur, who is pulling Other Half, who is holding Morgane!


Friday, December 21, 2012


To be honest, I wasn't looking forward to Christmas this year… I've had several bad/though news that arrived in one go and unfortunately I jumped on the self-pitty train for a while.

But with all the bad things happening around the world, I am reminded how blessed I am and how much I can be grateful for my life. Too often during the course of the year, we forget what the real priorities are and focus on the superficial.

Life is precious, I have a beautiful family and I've reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I am very lucky to spend this holiday season with my Mom and Dad by my side and remembering last year, I am grateful that I'll have another year to tell my Dear Brother how much I love him and how important his presence is in my life is. I've found a new job that fulfils me and colleagues that makes me happy to wake up and go to work, so I have no rights to complain.

So much has changed since last year and truly God has helped me get through a lot, so I can't wait to see what awaits me in the coming months. Wither it's good or bad, I say: "Bring it on!"

I was inspired by this words from Charles De Foucauld

"The moment I realized God existed, I knew that I could not do otherwise than to live for Him Alone...Faith strips the mask from the world and renders meaningless such words as anxiety, danger and fear, so the believer goes through life calmly and peacefully, with profound joy---like a child, hand and hand with his mother."

I could not have said it better… Faith has changed the way I see the world, the people, and my life.

And like my pastor says: there would not be Christmas if Jesus wasn't born!

I also want to share this video that was shown at my church and made me smile.
Please follow the link: it is really worth watching!

To all my readers: I wish you a Merry Christmas! May God bless you abundantly and may you all feel His love and Graciousness..


Oh and Santa, if you are reading please read the card below:


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I just don't understand....

This is my first post since the event that took place in Connecticut.

The purpose of this blog is to share my everyday life, that things that makes me laugh, smile, and happy. It's also a place where I share my faith and love for Jesus Christ.

I want this blog to be light and filled with Joy. I never want it to be mean, I want it to be uplifting. This is where I celebrate all that is good with life.

But today, my heart is broken for those families.

So I dedicate this post to all the people who are hurting in Newtown Connecticut, I hold you in my heart and my prayers are with you…

This tragedy is one too many…
Embrace your children every second, every minute, everyday… We never know when it will be the last I love you they will hear…
To this little lives taken away too soon: Surely God has taken you to His side. Delight in His presence until you meet your Mom and Dad again…